Dave has played guitar since age 13 (that was a long time ago), and mandolin since age 23 (also a long time ago). Raised on rock n' roll, Dave found his way back to the 78rpm era country, jazz and blues of the old, weird America by connecting the dots backward from his guitar hero influences. A veteran of rock, folk, psychedelic, avant-noise, Cajun, bluegrass, and  country bands, Dave is knows his musical history, but is irreverent enough to avoid mere imitation. Dave moonlights in the Quickdraw String Band, as well as Whitewing, and has played in Bellingham acts Feed & Seed (bluegrass), and Hoss!! (honky tonk). Dave moved to Bellingham in 2002 after four years in Portland, and is a native of Buffalo NY.

Fri, Sept. 30th: Skylark's Hidden Cafe, Bellingham, WA 8:00-10:00pm (acoustic show)

Sat, Oct. 1st: Dave plays guitar in the Whitewing Acoustic Duo, Skylark's Hidden Cafe, Bellingham, WA 8:00-10:00pm (acoustic show)

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Contact Dave at dlmaguire1@gmail.com

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Book East Coast Dave and the Midwest swingers for your establishment, wedding, or party.

East Coast Dave and the Midwest swingers can perform electric and loud, or acoustic (and still kinda loud... ha ha). We can adapt our presentation to play any size or style of venue. 

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 Scott Watts(drums) has played with many bands throughout his 38yrs of drumming, Scott Grew up in Ohio where he played in many local bands until he moved to Bellingham Washington in 1997. He still resides in Bellingham playing regularly with ECD and filling in with local bands when needed.

Scott is the creator /owner and Endorses The Sweet Spots drum dampeners.

Will Lau(Upright bass, bass guitar) has played bass for 35 years, and is a veteran of such Bellingham bands as The Stinkbugs, The Tosspints, and Shirts vs. Skins. Will moved to Bellingham from his native Michigan in 2000.